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To maintain Student Payments, franchise user clicks on the sub menu ‘Payments’ under the main menu ‘Student’, as shown  below:















The screen will display Students of the Franchise on the left side of the screen.

To add a new Payment detail, user clicks on ‘Hand’ symbol against the student. The right side of the screen displays the existing

payments for the student and a row to enter new payments, as shown below:

payment add











Now, to add a payment, user enters payment data in the empty row by providing the payment details, which includes Payment Type,

Payment mode, Bank name, Cheque Number, Date of payment, Amount and Level. After providing the details, user clicks on the

‘+’ button against the row to save the details. The record gets saved and a success message is displayed showing the Receipt number,

as shown below:


payment new











To print the receipts, user clicks on the print icon against the record, as encircled above.

A pop up window opens up displaying the fee receipt with the data auto filled in, as sown below:


payment receipt








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