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To access Faculty data, user clicks on the Sub menu ‘Faculties’ under the main menu ‘Faculty’ as shown below:











To add a Faculty, user clicks on the ‘New’ button, as shown below: 

faculty add









Clicking of the ‘New’ button opens up the Faculty Registration screen. The screen is divided into three tabs to make data entry simple.

Tabs are shown shown below:


faculty details


















User can save the form without completing the form using the ‘Save’ button. After the form has been filled, user can submit the form

using the ‘Submit’ button.

User has to fill all the fields marked with * before submitting the form. Next three screens display how the filled up form looks like.


faculty form details


















a.Learning Center


faculty learning center



















User selects the Learning center the Faculty is associated with using the dropdown ‘Learning Center’. The address gets filled up based

on the franchise selected.


b.Upload files

‘Upload files’ tab is used by the user to upload the application form, ID proof and Address proof. The ‘Upload files’ tab looks as below:

faculty upload











After the user has completed the application form and submitted, a success message will be displayed and the saved Faculty

application is displayed on the Faculties screen, as shown below:


faculty details new









User can edit the application by clicking on the edit button (the Pencil icon) against the record. User can delete the application by clicking

on the delete button(the delete button) against the record.







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