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IT Consulting

IT systems are a critical component of business planning and execution. Most organizations spend considerable amount of time and money on managing mission critical systems taking away those resources that could be spent on their core competency. Our services could help you put valuable resources to optimum use. After review of your existing IT systems (hardware and software), processes and procedures we could advice on optimization, cost reduction and on-going maintenance strategies.


Application Development

Applications are developed at MiddlePath Technology Solutions on platforms that are reliable and tools with a proven track record. Microsoft .NET framework coupled with Microsoft SQL Server Database is our chosen development platform. Our products and services are built using the latest cutting edge technologies like Silverlight, WPF, WCF, Microsoft Azure, Responsive Web Design, Crystal reports to name a few. We can build custom applications to suit your business needs using industry standards that allow for smooth upgrades and maintenance. Our customers benefit from our vast experience in analysis, design and development\customization of business applications.


Cloud Development

When we say Cloud development is done and an application is on cloud, it means a lot (availability, scalability etc.) for the end-user of the application. To make this happen, application developers have to take care of lot of things as part of Cloud development. Some of those things are like handling session data, dependency on local machine storage, configurations, dependency on other executable programs to start, etc. Middlepath has done Cloud development and put few applications on Windows Azure, Microsoft’s cloud solution for big and small companies while carefully considering some of the things listed above.


Mobile Applications and design

As part of the mobile application development middlepath Technology solutions have decided to go with Responsive web design technology. middlePath CRM application is Responsive in nature. It scales down to the users device width and helps the user use the application on the go. The fields on the screen align vertically one below the other providing the user better readability and ease of use. The user does not have to do any horizontal scrolling. The technology used is fluid grids, flexible images and Media queries.


Our Other Services include,

  • Software selection
  • Implementation and Training
  • Application and database administration
  • Development, Customization and enhancements
  • Testing Services
  • Migration and Upgrade services







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